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Saints Rugby Programme


The University of St Andrews has developed the most advanced Rugby program in Scotland which offers student athletes a range of coaching, training and support opportunities, allowing them to excel in their sporting achievements. Sport at St Andrews fosters a healthy relationship between athlete and student. The results are undeniable: our athletes graduate with a world class education and national and international sporting success. With excellent facilities, a Full time Director of Rugby and a club history steeped in the foundations of the game, there is nowhere better in Scotland.

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We are currently in the process of recruiting a new Director of Rugby, who we hope will be in place before the end of the 2017/18 Season.

The Director of Rugby is a full time role overseeing the entire rugby program. They line manages a team of 5-6 other coaches, ensuring that every team has the quality of coaching required to bring everyone on. They ensure that every player has the pathway available to them so that they can improve to the level they wish to reach, whether that is to play rugby socially or progress through the XVs to play at a performance level.




The rugby pitches at University Park in St Andrews are renowned across the country as amongst the finest in Scotland. The 1st XV pitch, overlooked by a listed 200 seater stand, was recently resized to match the dimensions of the pitch at Murrayfield, ready for the Scotland Squad’s annual training camp. A fully floodlit training pitch is complemented by the new fully floodlit Rugby 4g pitch, boasting room for up to 100 spectators and one of only two in Scotland.



Completed in December 2016, the dedicated Performance Suite provides a private space for our performance teams and athletes to train undisturbed away from our regular gym users. Featuring five lifting stations, a three-lane plyometric track, a throws wall and a designated ‘rehab zone’, the new Performance Suite also offers video analysis technology.

For a more detailed look at our gym facilities, check out here.

Rugby Union Programme


The Rugby program caters for all levels of ability to ensure all players experience an athlete centred rugby curriculum which focuses on development, hard work and enjoyment.


Gym: Monday’s 8:30 – 10:30, Saturday’s 9:00-11:00.

Practice: Monday 17:30-19:00, Tuesday 17:30-19:00 (for 3rd and 4th XV), Friday 18:30-20:00

  • Individual position specific technical sessions
  • Rugby specific strength and conditioning sessions supervised by S/C Department
  • Weekly video analysis sessions focusing on both individual and team performance
  • Series of educational seminars to improve performance – including nutrition, recovery, psychology, time management
  • Physiotherapy support
  • Regular fitness testing to monitor progress and identify weaknesses
  • Competitive fixtures for all levels of ability throughout the season
  • Two week full time pre-season training camp
  • Participate in SUS 7s and local 7s competitions
  • Biggest student 7s competition in the UK – St Andrews Rugby 7s
  • Large number of social activities throughout the season
  • A program that focuses on the process not the outcome – the outcome will take care of itself
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