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The University of St. Andrews RFC is a unique one, not only because it is one of the oldest clubs in the world but because it is steeped in tradition. The traditions we hold dear stretch back so far that some of our oldest former members, like Ben Peddie, cannot even recall where they originated. As the Social Convenor it is my responsibility to uphold these long held traditions both in socials and elsewhere on our travels. Of course, I have been consistently doing so and was lucky enough to be elected to the position once more for a second year. The old songs have persisted throughout my time here from the short club song to long club song and we have even had a song about a certain type of factory revived (of which I could not possibly explain).

Aside from this, it is well maintained in our club that we are first and foremost a rugby club not a drinking society and as such training and representing the university continue to take priority. When those who join our club realise and act upon this principle they then know what it really means to earn their social on a Wednesday night. For the chaps of UStARFC, Wednesday really has become the weekend. This may seem like an excuse to have a social and have a wild night out, it is, but it also has a deeper meaning. It means that come Tuesday night the boys now aim to have all work commitments finished so that they can wake up ready to put in a Saints performance. Afterwards they can celebrate this performance with no fear of deadlines or early Thursday morning classes.

The club has certainly changed over the past 4 years, as it changes for everyone who moves through its ranks, but it always changes to better benefit its members. As always we implore any alumni who may visit town in future to pop down on a Wednesday evening to the infamous Madras Clubhouse for a few jars of the pink stuff. It be my honour to welcome any members of the old guard to witness what I know they deeply cherished during their time here and hope to make it just as exciting, although I cannot promise amnesty for being late or forgetting games.


Connor Stobo

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