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At this year’s AGM I was delighted to be reelected to serve as your Alumni Secretary for the coming year.

My main focus for the year will be rebuilding our alumni network, which has been underused and undervalued for too long. We have a hugely diverse list of alumni, and by revitalising this network with regular events, both students and graduates can benefit. We are planning alumni events in London and Edinburgh, which are currently scheduled for the Spring of 2020.  I hope to see many of you attending, and if you have any ideas on the type of network you’d like to see, please message me or send me an email.

As always, the biggest events in the year are the Scottish Varsity Match and our sevens tournament, and I will be contacting you about both of these events as they approach. Recently we’ve had a brilliant alumni response to these events, and I know I speak for the entire club when I say I’d love for this to continue.

If you have any questions or would like to become involved in the club again, please do not hesitate to email me at

If you’d like to follow our social media platforms, we are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We also have the 1858 Club page on Facebook for all our alumni.


William Syme

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