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Movember Ball


Movember Ball (MoBall) is the club’s annual dinner ball in support of the Movember Foundation. Infamous around St. Andrews for being the best value ball of the year, the boys of our club polish themselves up in their finest tuxedos and kilts while attempting to sport their manly moustaches. Social traditions still apply, we just look a lot better when we face dive our sticky toffee pudding.


We have finalised the date and location for the Club’s Movember Ball this year. The date will be November 26th at the Apex City Quay Spa & Hotel in Dundee.

The venue has a huge capacity of 270 people so we are hoping to push as many graduated clubmen to come and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately this date is on a Sunday which may pose issues with work for many of you but if you may be interested, please do make yourselves known.

Please check back for information regarding the Movember charity.

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